International Tax

Companies operating internationally need to navigate a complicated web of tax, regulatory and legislative requirements. It is critical that your business is tax-compliant at home and abroad, structured appropriately, and has an overall strategy in place to minimise the effective tax rate on profits.

Our dedicated international tax team have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in operating across multiple tax jurisdictions and extensive experience working with clients in managing and minimising foreign taxes the efficient structuring of overseas operations, transfer pricing issues, cross border VAT complications together with the repatriation of profits and double relief tax planning.

We work closely with our international colleagues to provide a seamless service for our clients trading oversees. Through our global network we can access tax partners in more than 130 countries where our 210 member firms operate.

Failure to comply with tax obligations in Ireland and in other jurisdictions can result in significant liabilities – both financial and reputational. Crowe’s international tax team will help your organisation navigate these issues, bringing clarity in the face of complexity.

How we can help your organisation

Crowe offers a range of tax services to support organisations operating both within Ireland and across international frontiers. Our specialist, partner-led team will deliver tailored advice to meet your firm requirements across a range of areas, including:

  • Efficient structuring of a group
  • Establishing a business in Ireland
  • Ireland as a holding company location
  • Expanding your business overseas
  • Tax reliefs at home and abroad (including Double Taxation Treaties)
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Efficient repatriation of profits
  • Cross Border VAT
  • Expatriate Tax (for inbound and outbound expatriates)
  • Compliance at home and abroad
  • Tax Incentives in Ireland and abroad
  • Tax Planning for Intellectual Property

Why Choose Crowe?

  • 75 years of sector-focused expertise providing sector-focused tax advice to both domestic and international organisations.
  • We are proactive. We do not expect our clients to remember Irish or foreign tax filing deadlines, so we do it for you.
  • Global reach at a local level. As members of Crowe Global we bring a wealth of international knowledge and expertise to your doorstep. Our International Tax team works closely with network colleagues to provide a comprehensive and seamless international service.

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