Personal Financial Review & Strategy

Many of our clients are high-net-worth individuals who are time-poor and busy focusing on managing their business interests. As high-net-worth individuals, our private clients often have complex financial interests which involve family members and span a range of assets, often across jurisdictions, that require careful planning and management.

We work with you to add clarity and focus to your personal financial goals, helping to develop and implement a specific plan to meet your needs. We offer a bespoke financial review, giving you a clear understanding of your financial assets, enabling you to make informed decisions for yourself and for your family’s future.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships, providing ongoing support and addressing any challenges that might arise as circumstances and priorities change. Through our proactive approach we will assist in managing and optimising your assets, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business and family life.

Our services

Crowe’s private client service draws from a team of experienced experts who are well-positioned to advise you and your family on your domestic and international interests.

The issues and challenges faced by our clients are unique to each individual, requiring a tailored suite of services. However, in our experience, clients benefit from support across the following areas:

Personal financial review and strategy - Crowe Ireland

Holistic financial review and strategy
Business and family life can be busy, which means taking the time out of your schedule to review your finances can often be a challenge. By working with us we help bring clarity to your current financial position and assist you in developing a personal financial strategy to meet your personal and financial goals.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your financial position today and model what your future cashflow and personal balance sheet looks like. By taking time to understand your current priorities and personal goals it enables is to work to develop a personal financial strategy and road map to meet those needs. Your goals can vary from paying for education to exiting a business. Whatever your ambition, we help develop a tailored road map, and work with you along the way to review and revise your strategy as your circumstances change.

Personal tax compliance and planning
With tax legislation growing ever more complex, the management of tax risks is becoming increasingly problematic for you and your family. Our private client tax team efficiently structure your tax liabilities and manage your tax compliance for both local and international tax authorities.

Estate and succession planning
Without a good succession plan in place, wealth can be significantly eroded as it passes through the generations. Our private client team develop bespoke succession planning strategies with you and ensure that post death your family and estate continue to be appropriately protected.

Through the use of family structures, trusts and tax-efficient advice on your will we ensure your assets are protected as they transition across generations. Our advice is determined by your wishes and asset profile. Having a clear strategy can assist in minimising unnecessary taxes and ensure you are availing of appropriate reliefs to ensure your family is well provided for and family assets are kept secure.

Retirement planning & structuring
Pension funding is one of the last remaining tax breaks available to individuals. There have been significant changes over the years in this area. We can support your retirement planning by reviewing your personal and financial objectives pre and post retirement and developing a plan that best utilises your funding ability and ensures tax efficiency across assets so that your income is enhanced in your later years. We focus not only on how you maximise your fund, but how you protect the fund and future benefits for your family. Planning your retirement and how you access your fund can be complex.

We also consider if are there other benefits accrued in Ireland or overseas as often this is an entitlement that can be valuable in a terms of cash for but is omitted when individuals are considering their pension.

International services
Many people now have assets and property investments overseas. Whether you or your family own or are looking to purchase personal assets or business structures overseas, we can recommend tax-efficient financial structures to suit your individual circumstances and objectives.

We work with our international network, Crowe Global, to support your international tax strategy and compliance, as well as helping with any visa and international employment requirements.

Personal investment strategy and review
Often clients accumulate assets as opportunities present themselves. How you hold assets can ultimately affect your return on your investments. We will consider if they should be held personally, in a pension or for the family.

We will help you implement an investment strategy to meet your cashflow requirements and risk strategy. We consider your net return to you alongside your long term intention for the asset in order to devise the appropriate structure and strategy for you. We continue to support you as required to monitor and maintain your agreed family strategy.


Maeve Corr

HeadPrivate Client Services