Family Offices

There are times when our private clients’ asset portfolios become complex enough to require additional assistance to meet governance, compliance, administration and asset monitoring needs. This can be time consuming and daunting as you try to juggle business and personal matters.

Crowe can assist with the structuring, setup and operation of a family office, providing cost-efficient oversight support and proactively briefing you on any deadlines or issues you might face.

Our family office service helps ease the burden of compliance and administration on you by managing the day-to-day administration and management of your family’s financial affairs, minimising the time burden on you.

We bring together a team of private client, tax, and business advisors, that enables you to focus on your business interests. We can provide ongoing support with regular reviews to ensure your strategy matches your goals, risk parameters and, most importantly, cashflow requirements, and meet at regular intervals throughout the year to keep you appraised of any issues that need focus, or to plan for upcoming events.

Our services

Crowe’s private client service draws from a team of experienced experts who are well-positioned to advise you and your family on your domestic and international interests.

The issues and challenges faced by our clients are unique to each individual, requiring a tailored suite of services. However, in our experience, clients benefit from support across the following areas:

Family office services - Crowe Ireland

Family investment policy and cashflow monitoring
As your assets become more complex, getting an oversight of your personal balance sheet is increasingly important. Our family office services assist in monitoring and optimising your position. We work with you to develop an appropriate investment strategy for you and your family, taking into account your timeline, risk objectives and projected cashflow needs. We also monitor your investment portfolios against your agreed strategy and mandates, meeting you at regular intervals to review your position any critical deadlines or cashflow commitments.

Advising family businesses
Crowe has been advising family businesses for over 75 years and a number of our private wealth clients are involved in their own business. Whether your longer-term plan involves selling your business or passing it to the next generation, whatever stage your business is at in its life cycle, our multi-disciplinary team have the experience to advise you on the issues you need to consider.

Asset acquisition and structuring
Acquiring assets and understanding how best to structure them can be complex and time consuming. Our team of experts proactively work on your behalf to structure the most appropriate vehicles and project manage the transactions in an efficient manner. By coordinating the transaction on your behalf and identifying clear timelines, we can work with you to reduce the time pressure on you.

Property and estate management
Our team can provide you with asset management support for your property portfolio, across any residential and commercial property holdings.

Outsourced services
Many private clients prefer to have their personal family finances segregated from their business finances and look to outsource a range of services. We offer a range of financial and payroll services to meet the ongoing needs for you and your family.

Family Charter
Family assets become increasingly complex over time as your family business grows and you expand your non-business asset portfolio. Also, when a family’s next generation or multiple families are involved in a business and the decision-making is in the hands of the founder, conflict may arise if there is not an appropriate strategy in place.

We work with and your family to develop and implement a family charter tailored for your family to assist wealth protection and management through generations. This gives clarity on roles, responsibilities and decision making responsibilities, by addressing issues in advance we implement and facilitate decision-making forums and communication, ensuring strategic succession planning.


Maeve Corr

HeadPrivate Client Services