Leadership Insights – Sunday Times supplement

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Leadership takes foresight. Success takes insight:

Leadership Insights.

Crowe is delighted to have partnered with the Sunday Times to produce a special 12-page broadsheet supplement entitled Leadership Insights published on Sunday 19 May.

This special supplement contains extracts from our upcoming Leadership Insights magazine, which will be published very soon and available for download. This magazine is the result of a collaboration between Crowe and some of the country’s top business leaders.

This Sunday Times supplement contains practical advice from Crowe’s practice leaders as well as in-depth interviews with eight of Ireland’s best-known business owners. Each reveals their personal experience and unique perspective on the factors required to maximise the potential of a business.

The series of articles is directed towards small- and medium-sized enterprises, which have always been a key focus for Crowe. SMEs form the backbone of the Irish economy and for over 75 years we have provided strategic financial advice to business owners, enabling them to meet their personal and business goals and make smarter decisions today that create lasting value for tomorrow.

We wish to sincerely thank Bob Etchingham, Michael Holland, Caroline Keeling, Patrick Kennedy, Gary Lavin, Bob Lee, John Moore and Brody Sweeney for giving their time so willingly and for sharing their personal stories.

We hope that Crowe’s Leadership Insights provides you with the insight and inspiration to help you on your personal journey to success.

Smart decisions. Lasting value.

Download your copy of our special supplement below.