Why choose Ireland?

Ireland continues to attract a significant level of foreign investment due to a number of factors:

Access to the EU

As the only English-speaking member that will be left in the EU post-Brexit, Ireland is ideally positioned to access the internal EU market of 500 million people. Ireland’s EU membership ensures the free movement of goods, people and capital within the EU area to companies established in Ireland.

An educated workforce

The Irish workforce is productive, capable and highly adaptable. We have the youngest population in Europe with one third of the population under 25 years old and one of the most educated workforces in the world.

A favourable tax regime

Ireland also has one of the most advantageous corporate tax systems within the EU, with 12.5% corporate tax rate, 6.25% rate on profits from certain intellectual property and a favourable holding company regime. Ireland is also part of a growing double taxation treaty network with 73 treaties signed. Ireland’s tax system ranks as the most effective in the EU for paying business taxes (World Bank Group).

A pro-business environment

Ireland is a dynamic business location, offering competitive operating costs and high quality services. We have a dedicated government agency – the IDA – responsible for the development of foreign industry and enterprise in Ireland. Ireland has the fastest growing economy in the European Union and ranked fourth in Forbes’ annual Best Countries for Business (2017).

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