Improved Online Services for PAYE Customers

Improved Online PAYE Services from Revenue - Crowe Ireland

Revenue has been making numerous changes over the past few months in order to enhance the services being provided and make the website more user friendly. One such change is the removal of the PAYE Anytime service which is being replaced with the improved PAYE Services.

The great news about the new enhanced service is that agents will now be able to do a lot more for their PAYE taxpayers through ROS. This includes the following:

  • Claim or update clients’ tax credits
  • Declare or update non-PAYE income such as rental income
  • Divide tax credits and rate bands so that clients pay the correct amount of tax
  • View clients’ updated tax credit certificate

These updates are of huge benefit to agents, in particular the facility to update tax credits and divide tax credits and rate bands as it will save agents a lot of time going forward.

Agents will now also be able to obtain an End of year Statement (P21) for their clients without completing a review and be able to view prior tax years.

Further details of the changes can be found on Revenue’s website.

For any additional information or help, contact a member of our tax team.