GDPR and the Irish nursing home sector

GDPR & Irish nursing homes - Crowe Ireland

Building your data protection team and conducting a data Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

Simone Kennedy from our data protection team and Catherine Rogers from our consultancy team addressed nursing home owners and senior nursing home staff on the subject of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at a recent Nursing Homes Ireland seminar.

They joined a panel of speakers from the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and Lemans Solicitors. Simone and Catherine’s presentation focused on a practical approach to how to prepare for the GDPR May 25 deadline and specifically on how to develop a Privacy Impact Assessment. These assessments are required by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA).

HIQA has produced two toolkits on the subject of Privacy Impact Assessments:

If you would like to view the full presentation or would like find out more about how your nursing home business can prepare for GDPR contact Simone Kennedy from our data protection team or Catherine Rodgers from our consulting team.