Crowe staff celebrate International Women’s Day

Crowe Ireland staff celebrate International Women’s Day

Crowe hosted a breakfast event and welcomed Dearbhalla Baviera who addressed female staff on how to find the opportunities and shift the mindset needed to take control over their careers.

Dearbhalla provided food for thought and inspiration in her talk entitled, Setting Yourself Up to Succeed.

The 5 key takeaways were:

  1. Taking time to stop and reflect to recognise where you are in your career progression
  2. The importance of taking ownership for your own career and bringing conscious awareness to your decisions and behaviours
  3. Shifting the mindset to focus on the issues that are important and the opportunities available
  4. The importance of moving from ‘tactical’ doing to ‘strategic’ thinking
  5. Stop ‘getting in your own way’ from implementing positive changes to help you succeed professionally and personally

Dearbhalla broke down a typical career into its different stages and phases and outlined the dynamics at play with each. She then challenged staff to think about their own personal brand and how to actively navigate each career phase.

Dearbhalla Baviera is an Executive Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Consultant. Her focus is Leadership Development, particularly developing and mentoring aspiring female leaders.

Crowe Ireland staff celebrate International Women’s Day