Crowe Global History

1915  – Horwath & Horwath established in New York  by two immigrants from Budapest – Edmond and Ernest Horwath . Business focussed on food and lodging sector.

1921 – Reputation in market grows. Launch leading accountancy publications ‘Alarm Clock’ and ‘Food Market List’ and ‘Hotel Accounting’. Firm continues to grow

1924 – Established a university training programme for accountants in the hospitality sector

1950s –Diversified into healthcare. Accounting, audit and tax established

1960 – Horwath & Horwath International established to develop international business and relationships throughout member firms. Consulting services formally offered to clients

1963 – 21 member firms, 21 countries, 15 offices in the US, 4 offices in Latin America

1967 – Merger with Laventhol Krekstein Griffith & Co – becoming Laventhol & Horwath. First international annual meeting – 30 member firms, 30 countries – regional groups formed

1972 – 13th largest international accounting organisation in the world

1984 – International tax planning manual published

1989 – Firm name simplified to Horwath International

1991 – Crowe Chizek, a Midwest accounting firm, joined the network

1992 – EU formed. Network expands into new market – Eastern Europe

1994 – First international accounting organisation to have a Chinese member firm

2001 – Development of Pinnacle brand identity

2005 – Over 100 member firms and nearly 20,000 people across the globe

2008 – Member firms voted to change the firm’s name to Crowe international

2016 – 750 offices in 130 countries with 33,000 people. 9th largest accounting network in the world.

2017 – Crowe Horwath network grows to become the 8th largest network in the world with over 765 offices in 130 countries and 35,000 people

2018 – David Mellor from UK representative firm takes over from Kevin McGrath as CEO of the network. The network regrands as Crowe Global and over 220 member firms adopt the simplified name of Crowe. Crowe Ireland hosts the 2018 EMEA conference in Dublin